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Name:Jack Cade (Bakura)
Birthdate:Sep 1
Location:Rennes, France
Meet Jack Cade - Duelists of the Roses version.

A loyal member of the Lancastrians, his family has wielded a dark power for generations. He originates from Brittany (or Bretagne), a province of Britain. A dangerous duelist, he is never-the-less loyal to Prince Henry Tudor. Though his maliciousness in battle and mastery of darkness shows his connection to the name of 'Bakura', he can't be considered 'evil'. Though he will do whatever it takes to reach his goals, beneath the coldness is a kind intention.

Compared to his YGO incarnation, Jack is much less acerbic and a fair amount more polite - though no less of a troll. He cares greatly for people and wants nothing more than for the common people of England to have the chance to live happily under the rule of a king that will understand them and listen to them.

He also goes by 'Bakura' or 'Mortimer' in game, but I play him using the Jack Cade moniker more often.

His age is set at 30 at Campus entrance.

Duelists of the Roses
A Yu Gi Oh spinoff game set during the Wars of the Roses. The characters are based loosely on the original Yu Gi Oh! characters, but have different personalities, histories, etc. In the end, the only real similarity is their names.

A duelist from the future is pulled into the past by magic cards in order to help gain the remaining magic cards from the opposite side to the one they ally with and end the stalemate of the war...
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